Durable covers
for all types of water tanks

LOOP-LOC's high-quality polypropylene covers are a durable, cost-effective solution for protecting water from contamination. Our high-strength mesh and solid covers can be custom designed to precisely fit any size or shape water tank, and will meet any specialized requirements at your facility.

LOOP-LOC water tank covers offer all of these benefits...

  • Protect water supplies against contamination and heat loss
  • Help with odor control
  • Built to last from high-strength UV stable polypropylene fabric
  • Choose from mesh fabric (allows rain to pass through) and solid fabric (prevents water evaporation)
  • Both fabrics block UV rays to prevent growth of algae
  • Cover installation does not interrupt your operations
  • Prevents contamination by blocking waterfowl and debris
  • Cover requires zero maintenance
  • Cover can be easily removed and stored during routine tank maintenance

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